Access Control - Time and Attendance

Access Control - Time and Attendance

Stech Id´s Time and Attendance Solutions in conjunction with RFID Technology is revolutionizing the Medical and Healthcare Sector by overthrowing the conventional method of Attendance Management.

People Identification and tracking has always been tedious and time consuming task, this has been simplified with Stech Id´s Time and Attendance Solutions, a complete Time Management Solutions which fulfils the requirements of your Hospital / Healthcare Center´s needs.

RFID promises to change this and has proved to deliver results. An RFID enabled time and attendance system operated in the following ways

  • Attendance of all the Staff Members taken automatically, Clocks the Time In and Time Out of every individual Tag at all entry and exit points
  • The attendance of the Duty Doctors, House Surgeons, Staff Nurses can also be captured at the same time in order to know the time when they walked in for their duty
  • Eliminate manual entry of attendance data into a separate spreadsheet or application.
There are various other advantages which are bundled along with the Stech Id's application;
  • Hospital administration can view the attendance of their entire Hospital staff through the application
  • Multiple Shift procedures
  • Comprehensive Leaves and Holiday schedules
  • Seamless integration with RFID Tags and Readers
  • Various standard and customized reports for monitoring and reference.
The beauty of this technology is the fact that over time new applications can be added onto or easily adapted to the initially implemented modules. This powerful yet easy to use System is suitable for all types of institutions, providing real time information at the click of a button.

RFID Access Control

Organizations today are becoming an increasingly complex place to manage. Most organizations today require a performing and efficient access control system. There are many reasons for having such a system and these include:

  • Enhanced security to limit access of individuals / personnel to restricted areas
  • Improve loss prevention
  • Responsibility of the Area of Access
Stech Id´s RFID Access Control Application provides a hands-free access control solution with many advantages over traditional access control badges and systems. With the conventional systems, such as bar code, magnetic stripe, and proximity readers, user must handle the badge and place it close, or make physical contact with the reader. Stech Id´s unique RFID access control technology allows the user to enjoy complete hands free access control. Our Access Cards can be read up to 5 meters from the RFID reader, which usually eliminates the need to handle the badge or walk very close to the reader. This freedom is particularly important to differently abled employees.


  • Restricts access of unauthorized personnel to particular location
  • Keeps a log of the entry and exit times of all the Access Cards
  • Line of sight not necessary
  • Multiple Tags can be read at the same time with Anti Collision technology
  • Customized reports

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