Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

RFID technology and cloud computing have received a great deal of publicity on the technology hype curve. Radio frequency identification technology (RFID) has been around for decades, dating back to its use in World War II, but only moved into prominent use during the past decade.

The emergence of cloud computing has followed a similar path. Cloud computing has existed for years. However, it wasn´t until recently that the cloud became almost a daily topic of conversations in boardrooms and in the media.

The rise of cloud computing is eerily similar to RFID. So it´s no surprise that the two technologies are closely tied. The exploding acceptance of cloud computing is expected to accelerate the adoption of RFID technology. A cloud-based architecture will likely enable a rush to RFID systems by those that deemed the technology too expensive in the past.

Of course, users also gain the ability to share information with multiple partners, and are not just limited to closed loop systems or those within the four walls of the enterprise. And they also benefit from the ability to throttle up their usage when they need it, and throttle it back down without significant cost.

Benefits to operating in the cloud

By using the cloud, enterprises gain numerous advantages when deploying RFID technology, notably lower IT costs, the elimination of costly infrastructure requirements, more frequent technology updates, and a faster overall rollout with a quicker path to ROI.

Cloud-based solutions eliminate costly and laborious up-front infrastructure requirements which often result in RFID deployments being taken off the shelf or delayed. Additionally, hosted RFID systems allow already taxed IT staffs to concentrate on other vital projects without having to provide support to RFID initiatives.

By embracing a cloud-based system, enterprises receive state-of-the-art software, and more frequent upgrades than would likely be offered by your own company. Typically the cloud offers users more functionality, and many offerings are set up to be on a service based billing platform where customers pay monthly for the functions they used during that period. Cloud-based platforms also provide better security features, since security is often a core competency of the platform provider.

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