Smart campus Identity

Smart campus Identity

Main concept behind Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) based Student Visibility System is to capture the attendance of students while they are moving inside the campus automatically, without any human intervention.

The Solution

Smart ID Campus Solution offers a unique and convenient way to track students┬┤ visibility inside the campus.

In this solution system, RFID tags are attached to a Smart ID Card which is to be worn by each student. RFID Readers are installed at the premise gates of the school/institute that read the tags in the Unique ID cards (Smart ID) hung around the students┬┤ neck. So, when the students enter or exit the campus premises, the RFID Readers automatically send the students┬┤ details in our proposed application software in real time. Hence the attendance for each student is managed efficiently and accurately.

Solution Advantages

  • Simultaneous detection of multiple students. 100% identification rates.
  • Unmatched after sales service.
  • Turnkey solution.
  • Increased security. The system is completely automatic and saves time.
  • Reduction in time spent in administrative work.
  • The resources can be utilized elsewhere.
  • No manual maintenance of an attendance registers. Removes chance of manual manipulation of records.

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