Smart Card Solution

Smart Card Solution

Smart Card Solution provides seamless integration of Smart Card Technology for the Enterprise Application. The solution can perform identification of an Individual and based on that data it can easily drive the enterprise process work flow. It can automate capturing identity with reading the data stored in the memory of the Smart Card and provides peace of mind with its security features. It contains the Read and Write function which performs the encrypted operations on the card.

Smart Card Solution can support development in various technologies and can be easily integrated to different software components in the Architecture. We are aware of challenges for Smart Card solutions to give better Security, Card Activation as well as Authetication, Presentation, User Interface, Communication with the website.

Smart Card Benefits

Mifare Contact Less cards provide State of the Art technology for Smart Card Solutions. Data can easily be stored and retrieved in a secured way.

Provides Reading and Writing capability. We can develop applications built over the drivers which will perform Smart Card related operations.

Security level appropriate for financial transactions optimal customer fraud protection compliance to legal regulations. We take Smart Cards beyond desktop applications and it can be activated and used across all User Interfaces like Desktop, Web, etc.

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