Warehouse Management

Capabilities of RFID-based warehouse management

RFID-based warehouse management brings several benefits that can eliminate current drawbacks with the help of advanced scanning that improves supply-chain visibility and agility for greater operational efficiency. Capabilities include:

  • Improved efficiency by using RF tags that facilitate automatic data entry rather than manually making entries of stock first on paper and then into computer terminals. This eliminates the time required for data entry, sending paper order to the warehouse and filling and maintaining the paperwork.
  • Wireless warehouse can provide timely information and integration of warehouse data into the ERP system. Integration of warehouse information and ERP system
  • Ensures timely and accurate information for invoicing, purchase order payments and inventory tracking.
  • Reduces inventory errors, ensuring that the inventory reported is indeed available. By tracking pieces more exactly, companies can more accurately detail what has sold in the last business day, and improve the accuracy of their forecasts about what inventory is actually needed.
  • Strengthen security against product theft, loss and counterfeiting.

Stores Management

We propose an RFID based store management system to offer a unique identification system for locating and identifying spares stored in racks and open yard for faster retrieval. To minimize the under utilization of stores due to lack of visibility of capacity so as to improve productivity and bring in complete transparency in location wise stock availability thus by increasing the throughput time for material delivery and have a more reliable auditing system for stock reconciliation, with real time MIS reports for pro active decision making. The stock detail can be updated in and suits an ideal environment for performing quality checks. A web based application software can be integrated with our software for import of material code master and reservation no. details, So the deliveries will be made faster and error free. The stock transfer within stores will be updated and reconciled accurately. Any kind of deviations or exceptions will be reported and escalated over email instantly. This results in increased labour productivity, item-location relationship for faster identification and reduction in stacking and issuing errors.


  • There are considerable savings in man-hours and hence substantial monetary savings
  • Physical verification of stocks; which is a much repelled activity by any labour, becomes a convenient activity.
  • Increased visibility at item level
  • Reduction in Stacking and Issuing errors
  • Reduced time in Physical verification of items
  • Item- Location relation helps identify items easily
  • Mobile database available across the stores
  • Visibility in future stock expected to land at the stores
  • Generation of reports for Audit
  • Easy expansion of RFID zones
  • Increased labour productivity
  • The system has the ability of tracking the items properly and thereby making the activities more disciplined.

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